Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not A Underdog Anymore

"Why Vote? My vote doesn't count here." Many people, young and old, have felt like South Carolina has been a no-chance-for-change-state for years. It has been 32 years since we have seen our state vote blue, but this year there is some promise of change. I am constantly trying not to get my hopes up of seeing my state become blue this year, but wouldn't it be amazing if it did? CNN and most news channels still say the SC is a solid red state, and maybe they are right. Recent polls say that Republicans are at 58% and Democrats are polling at 39%. According to the polls we will be seeing SC covered in red on election night. However, something has been happening in SC this year, and it may end up surprising many conservatives who thought they had this state in the bag. A couple of factors play to Barack's favor: 1) the democrats out voted republicans in the 2008 presidential primary 2) the democratic party in SC is largely African-American 3) the last person we voted for has completely ruined our economy and standing in the world.

We have also seen some other changes in SC these past few years. For starters the Stonewall Democrats have arisen in the state. Two openly gay delegates were elected to attend the Democratic Convention in Denver from SC. SC was second only to California with the number of people attending the GLBT caucus in Denver. Incredible. So I beg everyone to not just count SC as a red state. Democrats don't be fooled by Republicans telling you that your vote doesn't count. Get out and vote! Get your friends out to vote! Get out and vote early, so we can turn this state Blue!!!!!


MHC said...

Hi... who were the two openly gay delegates elected to attend the Convention. When I called the S.C. Democratic Party, they never returned my phone call about gay delegates and the information I had said there were none at all.

MHC said...

Never mind... I found them. They weren't elected as delegates, but as alternates. Thanks.