Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What is all this talk about change?

This question will really begin to be considered through the average American voter, as the Democratic primary race comes to an end. I have hoped for Mrs. Clinton's victory, but as many of her supporters have already seen, she has been defeated. Although my hopes of having her as my president have faded, I know that I must fully support the winner Barack Obama. McCain and Obama have entered the general election race and left Hillary behind. There are many things that this country needs at this point in time, but a Republican is not one of them.

So here we are, at a pinnacle of "change?" What is this change and where will it come from? Even McCain has announced his proposal for change and what that means, but does everyone really want change? It interests me that this many people are looking for radical change, but I don't see anyone doing much about it. People all around me ask where are the youth, the college students, all of the radical hippies? Where are they? Shut out. At the South Carolina State convention it was evident. I witnessed many young people trying to do what they believe in, trying to stand up for what is worth fighting for, but there was no support to be found. I have heard the media redundantly call the election in the hands of the "league of first time voters," but all I see is a continuous power struggle inside the "old time politics." We are being ignored again and again, and its time to stand up and be heard. The beautiful thing about young voters is the fact that money hasn't destroyed them yet. They are passionate about things getting done by grassroots action. They feel that they are not more important than anyone else, everyone should be taken care of, and treated equally. So this is my plea: Please Barack Obama do what you say and take care of me.


Nyke said...

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Anonymous said...

I am not expect more changes from Barack Obamma, McCain. And it is million dollars question for American people.

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