Saturday, December 1, 2007

Where I Have Been

To my readers,

I am very sorry for being missing in action for the past few months. I have had an extremely hard semester which has taken my blogging time away; however, now that this semester is finally over, I will be getting back to my love, politics.


Some important things that need to be addressed:

1) The state primary is coming up soon and the LGBT community of SC needs to be ready. Not only ready to decide who it wants to be our candidates, but ready to be apart of the delegation process. The South Carolina Democratic Party has set a goal to have 3 openly gay or lesbian delegates to this year's National Democratic Convention. This is NOT a quota, but a goal, and will be very hard to fill if there are not many active openly gay people running for a delegate seat. I will be running this year for a delegate seat, but still want others to run because I want to have as many chances for openly gay men and women to have their voices heard and their presence noticed. There are a few things in which one must do to become a delegate. First, one must choose a candidate to endorse, because the candidates have a great say in who gets to be their delegates. Secondly, one must attended their county and state convention to be eligible to attend the national convention. So this is my hope that every LGBT person of SC that is involved with politics to try for a spot in the National Convention. If you have more questions contact me and I will send you Tom Chorlton's Delegate selection plan. My email is

2) Who I am now publicly endorsing:
I am now publicly endorsing Hillary Clinton which I will be writing about frequently from now on. One thing I wanted to mention with my endorsement of Hillary is that this does not mean that I feel negatively about all candidates, but through all reason I believe that my support should be for one of the top three and out of those three, Hillary has my vote; however, my voice, only goes as far as to speak for myself, not for any person.

3) Activism:
I have felt that there has been an extreme lack of interest, especially among my fellow generation, in this election and the political process in general. I hope that everyone will allow their voice to be heard, because you can and must be heard if you want things to change.
So in whatever talent you possess, tell the world what matters to you. One of my classes this semester is drawing, and for my final project I had to create an inner self-portrait. It can be seen below and shows my feelings about what is happening to OUR nation.

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mom said...

I am sure glad to hear that you have been studying!
Although you did a great job on the portrait- it makes me sad to see you sad! I can only hope that soon we have change in our nation so this sad unhappy picture would not have come to your mind!

rashomon said...

Hillary? Ugh.